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Corporate Culture


Our Values
The foundation of our culture is honesty, integrity, and respect for customers, associates, and business partners. Each associate is fully committed to serving customers and fellow associates through outstanding performance and accomplishing what we say we will do.

Our Mission
Committed to serving the society by the advanced electronic technology and products, to produce the innovative and cost effective in-car-chargers for our customers, enabling our customers to get reliable products that continuously improve people‘s lives.

Company Vision
We will be the leading company in the segment market we serve, and our products will be sought after for their compelling design, superior quality, and best value.

Commitment and Ownership
Taking care of the customers, the employees and the company. Be committed to the great product, service, and other initiatives.

Innovation, Creativity, and Flexibility
Pursuing new creationary ideas to ensure leading position in the market.

Integrity and Loyalty
We hope that you can rely on us, today and in the future.

Empowerment and Accountability
Encouraging to take initiative. Acknowledging and assuming responsibility for actions, products, decisions, and policies.

Social Responsibility
We take our responsibilities to the community seriously and are committed to being a good company. Likewise, we hold our suppliers to the same high standards we set for ourselves. We expect our suppliers to act with integrity and adhere to the highest ethical, social and environmental business practices.

We hold our suppliers accountable for upholding human rights.
We document our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices to protect our planet’s environment and its people. It details the actions we take to operate responsibly and transparently and to follow national and global standards.