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Rohde & Schwarz makes RF spectrum analyser software upgradable

Rohde & Schwarz’s latest RF spectrum analyser starts with a 1GHz model, and it can be upgraded to 2- or 3GHz with a software keycode.

Upgrades can be purchased as needed and are available as soon as the keycode is entered. Recalibration is not required.

Noise performance can also be upgraded by software. The R&S FPC1000 spectrum analyser has a specified noise floor level of -150 dBm (typ), which can be further extended to -165 dBm (typ) with an optional, keycode-activated preamplifier.

It can be used to measure RF signals up to +30 dBm (1W).

Measurement resolution is specified at 1Hz RBW and the analyser comes with a 10.1-inch display.